Bego Gelovit 200 Duplicator


Robust duplicating unit, reliable, consistent results

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  • The programmable brushless motor offers greater reliability than conventional motors for a high dimension of durability
  • Intelligent programming emphasises the unit’s reliability and long service life
  • Sophisticated preparation concept with intelligent temperature control effectively prevents lumps forming in the hydrocolloid and guarantees the fastest possible preparation without scorching
  • The special heating strategy prevents residue deposits and nozzle blockages whilst maintaining homogeneity
  • A third temperature level minimises the heat shrinkage of the hydrocolloid and ensures an optimal fit
  • The time at which the hydrocolloid is required to be ready can be easily pre-programmed for optimum processing
  • The number of required melting cycles can be entered individually. This ensures consistent quality of the duplicate models
  • The clearly laid out display provides information on all parameters and gives quick and easy access to all important functions
Height 565 mm
Width 310 mm
Depth 355 mm
Rated voltage 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Special voltage 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power at rated voltage 230 V 900 VA
Capacity 3–6 kg
Weight 21 kg