Dreve 4317 PCU LED N2 Light Curing Unit for 3D printed parts


Thanks to the option of post-curing in a nitrogen atmosphere, the PCU LED N2 is ideal for the production of earmolds, RICs and shells without inhibition layers

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The Dreve PCU LED N2 is the post-curing unit for safe manufacturing of 3D printed medical products. It allows curing under various atmospheric conditions such as ambient air, vacuum or nitrogen.
The software concept guarantees the user a simple operation and with the LED quick test an immediate check of the LED functionality. It has a password protected admin menu for secure data input where the administrator can define programs, read protocols and calibrate the system. Data transfer is by USB.
Dimensions: 110 mm x 389 mm x 254 mm. Weight: 9.3 kg. Two year warranty. Special order item. Please allow extra time for delivery.