BesQual Electropolisher S730 Turbo


Turbo – Can connect to compressor

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Tank dimensions 4.15L x 4.15W x 3.8H

Electro Polisher is used for partial dentures, this unit removes impurities on castings such as partial frame or metal base materials. Using electro-chemistry analysis method, cleaning your partials is faster and more efficient.


  • This unit has been improved to work faster and more efficient.
  • Now it can be attached with an air compressor; in doing so, air that pumps into the unit can be utilized to maximize it’s performance for rapid cleaning.
  • The Electrolyic Clamp & Triangular Bar are made of corrosion-proof titanium material and it makes electrolytes for a long time.
  • A  Built-in circuits makes it simple to operate and current can be easily supplied constantly.
  • It has a overload protection that isolates vibrations from the unit and  main current body.
  • It has a memory functions that stores (M) frequent combinations of an electrolytic power and time