Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner 4 Qt Digital


With Heater and Timer
Stainless Steel with German Engineering
Includes Cover

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Tank Dimensions 9.4W x 5.4D x 5.9H

High performance cleaning, mixing, degassing

Elmasonic S is powerful and versatile with 3 modes designed to clean parts, degas solvent, and prepare samples. With extra ultrasonic power and functionality, it’s perfect for high performance applications. LED display of time and temperature. This product line is manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards and is backed by a 2-year warranty plus a replacement guarantee one year from your purchase date.


mode-purple.pngmode-green.pngmode-blue.pngThe 37 kHz S line models can be operated in Normal (fixed frequency) mode, Sweep mode, or Degas mode. These modes are optimized for mixing, cleaning, and degassing, respectively.  Sweep mode produces a continuous slight variation of frequency to provide uniform and thorough cleaning.


Elmasonic S units have approximately 30% more ultrasonic power than the corresponding E line units.  They clean faster and more uniformly.


led-display.pngThe S line models have a series of LEDs that continuously and simultaneously show set time, time remaining, set temperature, and actual temperature.  No need to scroll through menus to see set and operating parameters.



powertrack.pngThe microprocessor-controlled generator maintains constant ultrasonic power, sensing and adjusting for light or heavy loads in the tank.  Digital operation ensures reproducible performance from run to run.


heater.pngHeater can be set in 5 degree increments from 30°C to 80°C.  Although ultrasonic tanks should never be operated without liquid, the ceramic heaters are dry-run proof.  As added protection there is an automatic shut-off if solution temperatures reach 90⁰C.

timer.pngThe timer can be set from 1-30 minutes or for continuous operation with manual shut off.  If the unit is set to continuous operation it will automatically shut off after 12 hours for safety. This safety feature prevents damage to the ultrasonic equipment as well as to the parts being cleaned.

drain.pngHas a rear drain with a valve for easy emptying of the tank.  The valve is located on the side of the tank for easy access.