Garreco Apex RZ 15 Resin, 25 Lb


Apex Resin Die Stone RZ-15 (0.15% Expansion) is available in Blue, Tan, Green, Grey and White Colors.

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Apex Resin Reinforced natural gypsum die material is available in two expansion variations,
(RZ-10 = 0.10%) and (RZ15 = 0.15%).
Apex offers a choice to complement any technique. Perfect for all crown and bridge applications as well as implant or precision attachment cases.
Resin additives eliminate brittleness and add superior external hardness. The exclusive Apex flow agent allows for excellent stackability, while promoting free material flow during

18,500 psi (128 MPa)
19:100 Water to Powder Ratio
10-13 Min Set Time

RZ-10 (0.10% Expansion) available in blue, tan, green, pink, white and ivory colors.

RZ-15 (0.15% Expansion) available in blue, tan, green, grey and white colors.

Both expansions are available in 25 lb cartons for and 50 lb cartons for an additional fee.