Garreco UltraVest Investment 100 x 90 g


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UltraVest excels when utilized with any crown & bridge alloy (except titanium) or any ceramic system.  This phosphate bonded, graphite-free formula has a micro-fine particle matrix which allows precise attention to detail.  This unique product may be used with either conventional or fast casting techniques and is designed for use with ring or ringless systems.  UltraVest may be the only investment you will ever need!

• Carbon-free
• Ring or ringless castings
• All alloys (except titanium)
• Conventional or fast casting
• Liquid/powder sold separately

Indication for use: Investment for all crown & bridge alloys

Size: 100 x 90 g Pouches

*Requires 1 liter of expansion liquid per 5 kilograms of investment material