Handler 550A Under Bench Porta-Vac Dust Collector


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The 550A is a compact starter dust collector of sturdy steel construction with disposable HEPA filter designed for light duty dry grinding applications in the dental laboratory. The HEPA filter, 182 cubic inches of filter area collects 0.3 micron for a healthier, safer work environment. Powerful high velocity vacuum motor moves 125 CFM. The 550A comes standard with 6’ flexible hose that can be attached to a variety of suction inlets, and remote on/off control foot switch. Various suction inlets are available. Replacement disposable HEPA filter part number 62-IIDF.

Weight 20 Lbs [9 kg]
Dimensions 14 1⁄2”L x 9 1⁄4”W x 11 1⁄2”H [37cm x 23.5cm x 29cm]
Composition: Steel
Filters: Replacement disposable
HEPA filter part number 62-IIDF