Ibex Summit Pressing Furnace


Made in USA
Superior eMax Pressings
Includes Vacuum Pump

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Exclusive Muffle Design- The Summit Muffle eliminates temperature variances & makes the oven ideal for everything from single units to larger bridges.

Touch Screen Operation- Entering & editing programs is quick & simple with the high-resolution touch screen. Changes can be made mid-program.

Easy Program Transfer- Perform software upgrades & transfer programs rapidly between ovens through the USB port with the IBEX memory stick.

Shorten the Firing Cycle-The Summits’ quick-cool fan blows air tangentially across the muffle opening, drawing the hot air out & truly lowering the temperature of the muffle-not just of the thermocouple=reducing cooling time by up to 50%.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply    105-125VAC
Power Usage    1200 watts
Muffle chamber    3.125″Diameter by 2.25″ High
Muffle Type    Open Wire with Radiance Ring

Max. Temperature    1200°C/ 220°F

Dimensions   Summit Press: 11″l x 11″W x 25.50″H

Warranty: Summit furnaces come with a 3 year mechanical warranty and a 4, 000 hour muffle warranty.