Integral Router/Arch Trimmer


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Intergral Router burr has 1/4″ shank and comes complete with vacuum adapter with paper bag, 1 carbide burr, 1 drum/sanding sleeves, filter and allen wrench. It is compatible with any burr/drum with 1/4″ shaft and has built in dust collector. The Intergral Router has 1 speed and the following dimensions: 8.5″W X 8.5″ D X 10″H.

Standard Features:

â– Durable metal case

â– Built-in dust collection

â– Integrated Safety Shield

â– Super quiet and compact

â– Thermally protected brushless motor with Safety Re-set

â– Designed to remove the palatal section and other interfering undercuts on models

â– One year warranty

â– Burs and sleeves are easily changed

â– 8.5″w x 8.5″d x 10.75″h

â– Tapered Carbide Bur (R898CB)

â– Arbor & 5 Sanding Sleeves

â– Three spare filter bags