Mestra Orion Work Box


Optimal workspace for a small footprint

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Scraping, polishing, retouching, sanding and so many other tasks in the dental laboratory generate a lot of dust and polluting dirt. To deal with these inconveniences, it is necessary to equip yourself adequately. The Orion work box has been specially designed for this function.

  • High brightness LED lamp.
  • No shadows inside.
  • Ergonomic working position.
  • Optimized dust absorption with an external vacuum cleaner (not included).
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Internal plug included, micromotor purt support.

The 75 years of experience of the MESTRA company in the manufacture of instruments and machines dedicated to the dental industry have accompanied us in the realization of this product. The Orion box is practical, simple, neat, elegant, ergonomic, extremely efficient and, what is more, at a price that makes it accessible to all laboratories.

It has a large viewing window with multi-dot LED lighting that eliminates annoying shadows and displays a chromatic tone similar to daylight. An ergonomic dowel provides a practical fulcrum while scraping or polishing. A micro-motor support also contributes to the organization of work inside the chamber. The Orion work box meets the needs of dental professionals.

The suction mouth is placed in a strategic place: it does not disturb and collects dust in an optimal way. The swiveling suction connection connects to an external vacuum cleaner in the rear part of the box. Removable drawers are used to collect dust that may have escaped the suction. A system that allows the operator to work in a clean room making the task comfortable and enjoyable.

The dimensions of the Orion box have been the subject of a rigorous study. Its size is small enough to easily find a place in the laboratory. Its working chamber is large enough to allow the prosthetist to work comfortably and without constraints.

Height: 330 mm (13 in) / Width: 360 mm (14.2 in) / Depth: 330 mm (13 in) / Weight: 3.3 kg (7.30 lbs) / Interior lighting 7W