Mestra Polishing Bench with Lathe and Suction


Made entirely of stainless steel.

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The MESTRA polishing box is a compact, functional machine made entirely in stainless steel.

It has two rubber screens in the polishing area to collect heavy particles.

It is equipped with lighting and suction.

It meets the most stringent regulations regarding safety and environment:

-General protection by means of fuses.

-Safeguard against untimely start-ups in case of failure in the power supply by safety switch with manual reset.

-Silent autonomous suction unit (67 dB) with collection of particles in the filter.

-Lighting by two anti-fatigue lamps.


Height: 500 mm / 20 inches

Width: 800 mm / 31 1/2 inches

Length: 500 mm / 20 inches

Weight: 58 kg / 128 lbs

Supply voltage with earth connection: 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Consumption: 800 W

R.p.m.: 1500/3000, 50 Hz 1800/3600, 60 Hz

Suction: 500 m3/h