Mestra Altamira Steam Cleaning Box


Keeps air, sinks, walls and floors clean and safe.
This cabinet prevents crowns from falling to the floor when using steamer.

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Everyone knows the importance of cleaning with the steam jet in the dental laboratory. Everyone knows the consequences: clogging of the sink, humidity in the air, condensation on the walls and on the tiles… And that without taking into account the high price that this type of appliance had until now. Having its own water collector, it allows the prosthetist to place it as desired in the plaster room and to unclog the sink which is often too busy.

  • Made of particularly robust polypropylene, it offers a large window which gives access to the cabin. To facilitate cleaning, all walls are smooth.
  • A deflector frames the window and prevents steam from escaping.
  • The interior lighting has been scrupulously studied in the Altamira Spray Booth: Two powerful low-consumption lamps provide ideal lighting allowing you to see the parts to be cleaned.
  • The easily accessible primary filters are located at the bottom of the cabin. They can be cleaned or replaced without any special tools.
  • A second filter, located at the rear of the machine, requires much less maintenance than the primary filters.
  • A water level indicator is located on the side and allows you to determine when to empty the tank. This operation is carried out using a pipe located in the rear part of the machine.
  • The heart of the vaporization cabin is made up of a powerful high-flow turbine, allowing the vapor cloud formed by the most powerful jets to be sucked almost instantly.


Height: 570 mm

Width: 520 mm

Depth: 490 mm

Weight: 24 kg

Capacity: 8L

Voltage: 115 V 50/60 Hz

Power: 140 W

Fuse: 2 A