Nevin Ergotech Bench


Self Contained Workstations

48″x24″ 32″Height

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Ergotech Self-Contained Workstations

Each Ergotech™ workstation has a quiet, powerful, vibration-free, fractional horsepower, variable-speed dust collector motor with a lighted power switch. Dust is collected in a unique, disposable filter bag. The dust collector motor may be operated in either manual or automatic modes. In manual mode, the power switch operates the dust collector motor. In automatic mode, the electric handpiece controls the dust collector motor. The control panel includes indicator lights, which monitor the performance of the filter bag and dust collector motor. Exceptional shadow-free lighting is provided by 2 55-Watt color-correct fluorescent tubes. Individual Ergotech lab benches are shipped pre-piped for gas and air, and pre-wired for electricity.

Functional features to make your work easier and more precise…
  • Individual dust collecting system with removable suction hood and safety shield
  • 2.5X magnifying lens*
  • Generous size magnetic vinyl top saver
  • Solid, 1/2” solid work surface
  • Removable, stainless steel scrap drawer
  • Removable, adjustable arm boards*
  • All steel construction with durable scratch and chip resistant powder coating finish
  • Single workstations, pre-piped for gas and air, pre-wired for electricity
  • AGA approved gas valve for Bunsen burner
  • OSHA compliant air gun with regulator
  • Drawer storage cabinet with steel roller bearings
  • 110 watt color correct full-spectrum fixed height lighting system with 2 case pan storage shelves
Optional features

No. 9748: 24” x 48” Footprint; Available 32” or 34” high

NevinLabs Standard Color Options

Postal Blue
Electric Blue
Newport Blue
Chocolate Brown
Nevada Beige
Patriot Red
French Grey
Fashion Grey
Solid Surface:
Sanded Gray
Sanded Vermillion