Nevin WS84 Pedestal Workstation


Four technician workstation

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Pedestal Workstation

The Pedestal Workstation, the laboratory industry’s first practical and affordable technician workstation with a built-in dust collecting system, is still the dental lab bench of choice for laboratory owners and managers. Suction is provided for up to 4 technicians by a quiet, powerful, vibration-free 1 hp. brushless motor. A blastgate at each workstation allows the technician to control suction at the workstation. A unique cartridge filter with 75 square feet of filter area captures particulate as small as 0.5 microns. Because the Pedestal Workstation does not require legs for support, floor maintenance is easier and the technician can move his/her stool conveniently between workstations. Pedestal workstations can be arranged side-by-side, and face-to-face.


Four-Station Pedestal Dust Collector

Floorspace required: 7’ x 4’. Illustrated with optional arm boards, overhead lighting and shelves.

444 Dust Collector

Provides suction for up to 4 workstations. 1 horsepower sealed, brushless motor. Uses a cartridge filter.

No. 358CCK
Cartridge Filter Conversion Kit

Available to replace existing bag filter system in older No. 444 units.

NevinLabs Standard Color Options

Postal Blue
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Chocolate Brown
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French Grey
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