Neycraft Centrifugal Casting Machine


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Used to melt and cast metal into the replica investment cavity by centrifugal force, the Neycraft centrifugal casting machine is designed with a number of unique operating features

  • Built-in protective safety shield

  • Easy winding/locking and release mechanism

  • Instant balance with counterbalance weight

  • Universal flask carriage to accommodate flasks up to 4″ x 4″

  • Two-way mounting base for quick setup and storage

Machine Set-up
• Crucible Installation: The machine ships completely assembled except for the installation of the crucible, which is simply installed by depressing the crucible clip and sliding the crucible into position against the crucible bracket.

• Mounting:  The machine may be mounted to a solid, heavy bench or table either portably or permanently. No external shield or container is required for either type of mounting.

Balancing the machine is quick and simple. The machine is designed to be counterbalanced for three ranges of flask sizes:  small, medium, and large. A 2.75 pound counterbalance weight is provided for installation in one of two position locating slots on the counterbalance arm.

Winding & Locking
An externally mounted knob is provided on the machine to allow you to wind and lock the machine while your hands are clear of the path or rotation of the casting machinery.

The only maintenance required on the machine is a periodic cleaning of the inside of the safety shell. After a period of time or a good number of casting cycles (this may vary from one week to several months, depending on the frequency of use), some debris will collect in the safety shell (investment powder, metal grains, flux, etc.). This debris should be removed by either vacuuming the shell interior or by turning the shell upside down and brushing out the interior. This periodic cleaning will prevent a build-up of particles which could clog the crank handle locking mechanism.