NSK Presto II Handpiece


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The NSK Presto II high speed air lab system features a lightweight, lube-free handpiece with a built-in dust proof mechanism. Operating at 320,000 rpm the Presto II system has a built in air regulator and foot control. It requires a compressor capable of 1.5 CFM at 35 PSI

The NSK Presto II is an ultra high speed non-lube air turbine. It is most suitable for precision processing works such as small precision parts, ceramic, correction of printed circuit board, etc. due to its non-lube handpiece. Flexible tubing ensures excellent workability reducing fatigue to the operator’s hand for long continuous use.

  • Most suitable for delicate processing work, utilizing a no lube air turbine handpiece
  • 320,000 min-1(rpm)
  • Ultra-high speed no lube air turbine handpiece ideal for delicate processing applications
  • Chip air blows away the cutting powder and cools the cutting tool
  • Built in dust protect mechanism developed by NAKANISHI ensures long durability