Renfert Bi-V-Pin Plastic Sleeve 1000pc


Sold in package of 1,000 sets

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Narrow model pin with two dowel pins, ideal for positioning in limited space.

  • v-shaped profile suitable for use with close standing dies such as lower anteriors.
  • only one drilling needed for each die.
  • tapered shape glides easily into final position.
  • open-ended sleeve prevents clogging and simplifies cleaning.
  • reproducible positioning without vertical adjustment of bite.
  • small base thanks to reduced pin length (12.5 mm).

Plastic sleeve
No more deformation of your intricate bridge copings through sudden, erratic loosing of pins thanks to Easy Glide function.

  • remove without tension with a smooth, even gliding friction that runs along a special guide bar (see graphic).
  • short friction distance of 1 mm (end position) allows the safe and simple removal of even the most complex bridge framework such as with diverging dies.
  • a strain relief gap compensates any possible pin tolerance and provides a smooth and uniform friction with all pins.
  • precision of fit and secure retention even after repeated insertion and retraction because the guide bar yields to the metal pin, thus there is no abrasion.
  • retention marks in the plastic sleeve's outer surface secure them firmly in the model base.
  • a membrane in the sleeve's lower exit area stops plaster from entering during base forming.
  • custom plastic sleeves are dimensionally stable against moisture and heat (steam-cleaning).