Renfert Dustex Master Plus
Extractor Box


Compact – For use with dust collector

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Renfert Dustex Master Workstation provides for a clean workstation and clear view of the workstation. The Dustex Master Workstation enables the technician to improve the quality of his work without disturbances by dust, splinters and gases. With a clear view of the restoration, the very bright illumination (standard), and the optional magnifying glass provides an ideal environment for concentrated and exact work. The Dustex Master Workstation is compact, yet spacious, has large arm inlets, spacious inner volume, and the easy-to open glass window provides much freedom of movement and efficient working conditions.

Includes: Dust box, fluorescent light with lamp cover, extraction port kit, armrests.

Dimensions: w x h x d 14.97″ x 11.23″ x 15.76″

Working chamber: 17l (4.49 gallons)