Renfert Easy Blank CAD/CAM Wax Disc


CAD/CAM wax blank for the production of digitally designed crowns and bridges for press and casting techniques.

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  • Precisely milled results with extremely smooth surfaces and strong edge stability due to the high degree of material homogeneity.
  • Especially suitable for full ceramic restorations as the wax will burn-out without residue.
  • Reliable milling process due to small milled chips which do not stick to the cutter or the object surface.

  • The Renfert EASY blank wax is the optimal CAD/CAM wax blank for milled restorations in the customarily Renfert quality “made in Germany”.
  • „Making work easy“ stands for outstanding product characteristics, e.g. high material homogeneity.
  • This allows, amongst other things, a perfect fit and surface quality to be achieved in the final restoration.