Renfert Millo Pro Router/Arch Trimmer


Adjustable Dental Arch Trimmer

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This dental-arch trimmer optimizes the model-making process improving quality and reliability during the fabrication of sectioned models. Saving more than 60% in time when trimming a dental arch Millo (pro) is profitable even for a small turnover of models a day.

Unhindered lifting of the dies
The tapered arch makes lifting from the base child‘s play. Undercuts and rough surfaces from handpiece cutters and sandpaper cylinders are now a thing of the past. Smooth surfaces additionally aid easy lifting. The risk of breakage is reduced to almost zero.

Clean and safe work

    • Work space and laboratory remain permanently clean during preparation of dental arches, thanks to connection points for external extractor.


    • The model is guided with both hands, bringing greater safety to the process.

Ideal in each situation

    • Adjustable cutter height (Millo pro) for easy trimming of arches with difficult tooth position. 17,5 mm possible height adjustment, therefore it can be used with all popular model systems.


    • Fine and coarse cutters available for reducing the material as required.