Renfert Silent Power CAM EC
Dust Collector


Powerful, bag-free extraction unit with automatic filter cleaning and EC motor technology for heavily used CAM units.

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  • Bi-directional communication between extraction unit and CAM unit thanks to the PLC interface.
  • Low operating noise of max. 54.3 dB(A).
  • Safe production process through low-maintenance EC motor technology (> 5 000 operating hours).


  • High volume flow of approx. 4.000 l/min.
  • No follow-up costs due to bag-free dust collection.
  • Safe disposal of fine milling dust with the help of a disposal bag.

Permissible mains voltage:  120V

Permissible mains frequency:  50/60 Hz

Nominal voltage:  120 V

Suction turbine power:  1440 W (120 V)

Volume flow (max.):  3984 l/min, 2.34 ft³/s

Max. depression:  262 hPa, 3.8 psi

Motor technology:  EC

Filter technology:  Bag-Free

Filter quality: Class M according to EN 60335-2-69

CAM interface:  RJ 45 socket

PLC: Input signal:  2 x turbine suction level 1, suction level 2, turbine off, filter cleaning

PLC: Output signal:  2 x filter cleaning – status information

Mains input fuse:  2 x 15 A(T)

Number of suction hoses:  1

Sound pressure level (LpA) (at max. volume flow):  54,3 dB(A)

Weight (empty):  ~18 kg/~39.7 lbs

Dimensions (W x H x D):  270 x 535 x 540 mm/10.6 x 21.1 x 21.2 ”

Ø suction fittings interior:  42 mm/1.65 ”

Fill level dust drawer:  ~7 l/~1.85 gal