Renfert Twister Evolution Vacuum Mixer


Comes with 500ml bowl
Stand sold separately

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High speed, vacuum mixing unit, diaphragm pump for the vacuum and eight programmable mixing functions.

  • Reliable processing of large amounts due to high speed.
  • Can be used flexibly for plaster and investment materials, duplicating materials and alginate impression materials.
  • Reduction of bubbles thanks to a vacuum that can be regulated in increments between 70% and 100%.

  • Programmable: Twister evolution has more than 100 custom programmable mixing programs.
  • Prespatulation: The prespatulation function guarantees consistent results, regardless of whether plaster or investment material is used. In addition, the mixing time is reduced and inhalation of dangerous dust prevented.
  • Pre vacuum: Undesired reaction gases from investments are extracted by the prevacuum function before the main mixing time.
  • Main mixing cycle: The powerful motors of the Twister evolution effortlessly maintain the set mixing speed with any material, filling level and bowl size.
  • Reverse rotation: Dry agglomerates are broken up by the change of the paddle direction to ensure better wetting of the powder.
  • Post vacuum: The post vacuum of the Twister evolution reduces gas inclusions, which form later on the surface of the mixture.

*Stand not included

Name Twister evolution, 220-240 V Twister evolution, 100-120 V
Article number 18280000 18281000
Permissible mains voltage 100–240 V 100–240 V
Permissible mains frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 180 VA 180 VA
Vacuum pump capacity 16 l/min
0.56 cfm
16 l/min
0.56 cfm
Max. vacuum ≈-890 mbar
≈-12.9 psi
≈-890 mbar
≈-12.9 psi
Bowl pressure abs. ≈80 mbar
≈1.16 psi
≈80 mbar
≈1.16 psi
Vacuum reduction 70–100 % 70–100 %
Rotational speed 100–450 rpm 100–450 rpm
Dimensions (W x H x D) (wall unit) 152 x 285 x 235 mm
6.0 x 11.2 x 9.3″
152 x 285 x 235 mm
6.0 x 11.2 x 9.3″
Dimensions (W x H x D) (with stand) 230 x 640 x 295 mm
9.0 x 25.2 x 11.6″
230 x 640 x 295 mm
9.0 x 25.2 x 11.6″
Weight (without bowl) ~5,2 kg
~11.5 lbs
~5,2 kg
~11.5 lbs