Renfert Waxer
Waxlectric II


Comes with 2 handles, Red and Yellow,
and 2 tips, 1 small and 1 large.

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  • Temperature setting to a precise degree ensures controlled working processes.
  • Direct access of preferred working temperatures using the programming function.
  • Fast heat-up rate and low heat transfer to the handle thanks to the heating element integrated in the tip.


  • Integrated holders provide ergonomic access to the handpieces and exchange tips.
  • Direct setting of the maximum or minimum temperature.
  • Daylight operable 3-figure LED display.
  • Both channels can be set separately with the Waxlectric II.
  • Color-coded for controlled management of the handpieces.

Waxlectric II has been upgraded. The New Waxlectric II can now permanently save three temperature per channels and the required temperature can be set quickly and easily by pressing a button. The Waxlectric II has a clear display that shows the selected program immediately and can program initial temperatures of 50 C – 200 C (122 F – 392 F).

The Waxlectric II handpiece is heat-insulated and the heating element is not integrated in the handle. The Waxlectric II is compact and the new design holder holds 6 waxing-up tips and the two channel handpieces directly on the housing.The Waxlectric II tips screw connection make tips easier and quicker to change without using an instrument.