Trident Aqua Spray Handpiece


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High Speed Lab Air Handpiece with cool mist spray.  Adjustable cool mist spray.  Recommended for all-ceramic, zirconium, CAD/CAM & ceramics.  Prevents heat build-up from friction during grinding.  Combination high speed air handpiece.  Use with or without cool mist spray. No oil or gel type lubrication needed. Zirconium bearing (pat. pending). New high temperature Zirconium/ceramic bearings.  Encapsulated Turbine-Cartridge. Sealed & dust free.  Smooth Ultra-Quiet vibration free.  Designed for superior long life performance.  “BIT” Burr Insertion Tool.  Automatically positions & perfectly glides burr into chuck.  Quick-Touch Bur Removal.  Durable design for fast easy burr removal. Independent long life chuck. Screws out separately from sealed turbine-cartridge. Lightweight handpiece weighs less than 2 oz.