Whip Mix 12″ 1/2 hp Model Trimmer


Equipped with Fully Adjustable Work Table and 12″ x 1/4″ Coarse Abrasive Wheel.

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Whip Mix 12″ Trimmer has a ½ hp enclosed motor with capacitor and self cleaning design prevents gypsum build up. The Whip Mix 12″ Trimmer has a safety “trip to off” switch that stops motor if door is opened or in the event of a power failure. The Trimmer includes, single clasp easy to open door, one screw quick change wheel,, shield, 12″ trimmer with coarse abrasive wheel and a standard 3 year warranty.

*Accessories Include: Electric Water Valve, Water Spray Attachment and Splash Shield

Voltage    115V/60Hz
Amperage    4A
Dimensions    16″W x 17″H x 15″D
Weight    19.3 kg (42.65 lbs.)
Drive Motor    1/2 HP
Warranty    3 years parts and labor (US & Canada Only)