phosphate bonded whip mix
FastFire 15 Investment


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Universal Investment for All Crown and Bridge Alloys

Get two 1-liter & one 340ml FastFire liquid FREE with purchase.  Good through 12.30.22

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FastFire 15 is a fine grain phosphate investment which requires only a 15 minute benchset before placing molds into a hot oven for rapid burnout. It produces accurate, smooth castings using either the ringless or metal ring technique. Optimum fit is achieved for all crown and bridge alloys through dilution of the freeze stable FastFire Liquid.


  • Produces castings in less than one hour
  • FastFire Liquid allows year round problem-free shipping and controlled expansion
  • Reliable performance using many casting techniques and alloys
  • Exceptionally smooth, accurate castings

*Suggested concentration of FastFire Liquid is 100% (1 part liquid to 1 part water).

Physical Properties

Liquid/Powder Ratio
27 mL/100 g powder

Working Time
7-9 minutes

Setting Expansion

Thermal Expansion

Compressive Strength, Wet
500 psi (3.4 MPa)

Recommended Liquid
FastFire Liquid

*Measured at 100% Liquid Concentration