Specialty Stone RapidFlask Whip Mix Gypsum


ISO Type 3

Flowable flasking stone gypsum

Buff Color, 33 lbs

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RapidFlask™is a flasking stone that is fluid enough to flow without vibration into all areas of the denture wax up, creating an exceptionally accurate reproduction. RapidFlask is fast setting and ready to separate in 20 minutes allowing multiple pours improving lean process efficiency in the lab.


  • Pourable – Flows without vibration into all areas of the denture wax-up
  • Accurately Reproduces Detail – Reduces finishing time and flask repairs
  • Low Compressive Strength – Easily removed after processing
  • Can Pour 5 Flasks in Less Amount of Time – Improves LEAN process efficiency in the lab

ISO Type 3


Water/Powder Ratio 35ml / 100g
Working Time 2-3 minutes
Setting Time 5-7 minutes
Expansion (%) .10%
Compressive Strength 3,500 psi (25 MPa)