SKU: MAP 26112LP
Choose Natural Gas or Propane
SKU: MAP 26206
Wax Cup for #5N Bunsen Burner
SKU: MET 722
The unit does not heat up. Place a metal instrument into opening and it will heat up instantly!
SKU: REN 932-0100
Also available for liquid gas
SKU: REN933-0100
SKU: REN 934-0100
The eco safety burner is a single tube safety burner for use with liquid gas and natural gas E.
SKU: REN 961-0000
Also available for Liquid gas
SKU: REN 960-0000
SKU: WHI 00280X-000
Available in Butane Gas, Propane Gas, and Natural Gas Types.
Pictured with Loop Heat Conductor (Molten Wax) & Waxing Cup (sold separately)
SKU: WHI 002870-000
Optional accessory for the
HANAU™ Touch-O-Matic® Burner
SKU: WHI 002871-000
Optional attachment for Touch-O-Matic Burner
SKU: WHI 10147

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