Burnout Ovens

APEX 3-Stage Burnout Oven


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Product Description

FEATURES: 20 three-stage programs

    Real-time clock for programming automatic start
    capacity: 15 1.75" rings
    chamber: 8" w x 8" d x 6" h

    overall dimension: 13" w x 16" d  x 18" h

    Sheathed thermocouple in metal to provide corrosion resistance against gassing elements and to provide temperature
stability and a longer life

    Rugged 1600 watt design for durability

    Large ring capacity with small footprint

    Open door protection An open-door detection system protects the ovens heating elements.

Even Heat Distribution -The two side-only heating plates radiate heat more evenly and with fewer variances than the oven’s 4-plate
counterparts, leading to fewer cracked rings

Heat Rate Optimization -The APEX has a high heat-rate capacity that allows you to reach your desired temperature quickly- its rate
exceeds 50°C/72°F per minute at full power

1-year electronics warranty
1-year muffle warranty


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