Burnout Ovens

Bego Midtherm 200 Burnout Oven

SKU: BEG 26155

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Product Description

Microprocessor-controlled preheating furnace for crowns, bridges and partial dentures

Ideal for every Crown and Bridge department.

  • Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation with digital display.
  • Maximum preheating temperature up to approx. 1100 ºC.
  • Maximum capacity of the mold compartment with the 100 MP: 12 -2 1/2" 180 g C&B molds or 4 520 g partial denture molds
  • Up to 9 individual programs can be set.
  • Up to 4 temperature holding levels can be entered.
  • Programmable heating rate, linear heating rate of 1 - 9ºC/minute, 33.8 - 48.2 °F/minute.
  • Programmable time for desired casting readiness, visual and acoustic signal for end of program.
  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel exterior.

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