Light Curing

SKU: WHA C7970100115
Compact and Efficient
Slim Design
Fast and Powerful
Cordless with high capacity battery

SKU: KEY 9634590
For Relines, Appliances, Repairs, Splints, Custom Trays, Glaze
SKU: TRU 70210
** Triad Accessory Package FREE ($70 value) with purchase **
Package includes: Barrier Coating, Model Release Agent, VLC Bonding Agent, Modeling Tool, #4 Flat Brush and #6 Round Brush.
Good through December 31st, 2017
SKU: TRU 905260
SKU: TRU 9494800
The Individual Eclipse Processing Unit may only be purchased by Certified Eclipse Laboratories after they have purchased an Eclipse Starter kit.
SKU: TRU 9495100
Consumables may be purchased separately

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