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Trubyte Triad Light Curing Unit

SKU: TRU 70210

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Product Description

Triad has set the industry standard with a powerful halogen-based curing process and superbly engineered visible light cure materials. Let the Triad System give you hands-on control over a variety of in-office procedures.  Get in-office results you can depend on with the Triad System: Your design - you personally ensure the fit. Your craftsmanship - you create the quality & aesthetics. Your schedule - you control the turnaround time.



Additional Products

Trubyte Triad Gel Light Curing Material
$122.00 USD

Trubyte Triad TranSheet Light Curing Material
4-Sheet Package

$36.90 USD

Triad® Provisional Light Curing Material - 7 Rope Assortment/ 6 Rope Package
$38.00 USD

Trubyte Triad TruTray Custom Tray Material
30 Sheet Package

$115.00 USD

Trubyte Triad DuaLine Dual Cure Reline
Refill Package

$109.00 USD

Trubyte Triad® Denture Base Material
6 Sheet Pack

$52.65 USD

Trubyte Triad® Custom Tray Material (Blue)
6-Sheet Pack

$30.75 USD
Triad Replacement Lamp, 250 Watt Bulb
$49.80 USD

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