Light Curing

Trubyte Eclipse System Light Curing Unit

SKU: TRU 905260

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Product Description

One System to Process Multiple Removable Appliances: Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, Provisional Partials, Night Guards The Eclipse System includes:Conditioning Oven to warm models and materials, Melting Pot to prepare and melt Contour Resin, Electric Spatula to apply Contour Resin, Hot Air Gun to replace flaming, Eclipse Processing Unit to polymerize materials, Resin materials and supplies,  Eclipse Bonding Agent .     


Labs can create a point of differentiation by offering the Eclipse clear palate denture to their accounts. The clear palate denture enables clinicians to see pressure points, voids or fluid retention to make accurate chairside or laboratory adjustments. The highly aesthetic denture gives patients the clear confidence of a comfortable, natural smile.


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