SKU: REN 1828-1000
Comes with 500ml bowl
Stand sold separately
SKU: REN 1829-1000
Requires an Air Source
SKU: REN 1826-1000
Comes with 500ml bowl
Stand sold separately
SKU: REN 1827-1000
Requires an Air Source
Vacuum Mixer must be mounted to wall.
Requires Air Source

SKU: EUR 8000G
Comes with 500ml Bowl and 900 ml bowl.

SKU: WHI 29181
Complete with 300 ml VAC-U-SPAT and
500 ml VAC-U-MIXER (115V/60Hz)
Stand sold separately

SKU: WHI 06149
Bench Top Stand for Whip Mix Vacuum Mixer
SKU: WHI 29340
Comes with 500ml bowl and stand

**$100 Visa Gift Card with Purchase**
Good through December 28, 2018
SKU: WHI 29400
Includes WHI 29345 - 500 ml Vac-u-Mixer (pictured with 300 ml, 500 ml and 875 ml bowls)

**Get $75 Visa Gift Card with purchase
Good Through December 28, 2018**
SKU: ZHE C305122
Includes 1 Elite Mix, 1 power cord, (1) 500 ml lid and (1) 500 ml bowl.

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