Trident Spin Cycle Grand Vacuum Mixer

SKU: EUR 8000G

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Product Description

Aerodynamic Stainless Steel Vacuum Investing System

  • Produces ultra-smooth mixing for all investments and gypsums - Three dimensional mixing, all done simultaneously: Horizontal, Vertical & Diagonal
  • Heavy duty mixing bowls with maximum fill line and Inox stainless steel spatulas - Includes 1 ea. Large bowl (500 ml) and 1 ea. Jumbo bowl (900 ml)
  • Hands-Free operation Unique Venturi uses vacuum to hold bowls; Increases productivity and saves time
  • Includes built-in automatic programmable digital timer with "Auto-Stop" -  Program the amount of mixing time, stops automatically
  • No oil or vacuum pump to maintain, fewer moving parts - Uses unique built-in air pressure "Venturi" system to create full vacuum**
  • Special Bonus: Built-in extra large vibration table with variable speed
  • Built-in air pressure regulator controls optimum level for vacuum
  • Built-in investment and moisture protection filtering systems
  • Spin Cycle can be used on a table or can also be wall mounted

**Spin Cycle requires 50 psi air pressure to create full vacuum




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