Electric Waxers

SKU: ALM 66000
Electric Waxer
SKU: ALM 65999
Electric Waxer
SKU: MET 705
New Improved Electric Waxer
Please note: Plastic holder for the waxing handle is NO longer available. It now has a small magnet that holds the handle in place.
SKU: MET 725
BesQual S150N
Comes with 6 tips, ability to change temperature with a single touch.
SKU: MET 704
Electric Waxer
Three functions in one unit!
SKU: KDF DP20-M000
Electric Waxer
SKU: KER 013-950
Electric Waxer
SKU: KER 34844
Comes with two Ultra-Spatulas and two Ultra-Tips (Small PKT and Large PKT).

Pictured with all available tips, sold separately.
SKU: NEY 9995337
Electric Waxer
SKU: REN 2150-1000
SKU: REN 2156-1000
Electric Waxer
SKU: REN 2157-1000
Comes with 2 handles, Red and Yellow,
and 2 tips, 1 small and 1 large.
SKU: REN 2151-1000
Electric Waxer
SKU: VAN 10150
Electric Waxer
SKU: WHI 10157
Electric Waxer
SKU: WHI 10150
SKU: WHI 10155
Electric Waxer

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