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Renfert Waxer
Waxlectric I

SKU: REN 2156-1000

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Product Description

Waxlectric I has been upgraded. The New Waxlectric I can now permanently save three temperature per channel and the required temperature can be set quickly and easily by pressing a button. The Waxlectric I has a clear display that shows the selected program immediately and can program initial temperatures of 50 C – 200 C (122 F – 392 F).

The Waxlectric I handpiece is heat-insulated and the heating element is not integrated in the handle. The Waxlectric I is compact and the new design holder holds 6 waxing-up tips and the one channel handpiece directly on the housing.The Waxlectric I tips screw connection make tips easier and quicker to change without using an instrument.


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