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TACâ„¢ is a tray adhesive compound for use with alginate impression materials.
SKU: KEY 0921881
TACâ„¢ securely holds the alginate in the tray when the impression is removed from the patient's mouth.
SKU: KEY 0921882
SKU: MET 508-
BesQual Adhesives available in 4 viscosities.
This price is for the 2 oz bottle size.
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SKU: MET 508-
BesQual Adhesive in the 1 oz. size.
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SKU: MET 509-02
BesQual Adhesive Activator comes in three sizes.
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SKU: MET 509-08
Ships UPS Ground Only!
SKU: MET 509-16
SKU: WHI 08247
The system features two viscosities (Thin and Medium with a non-clog pin-in-cap design) precision applicators and an accelerator each may be purchased separately.

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