Etching Gels/Liquids

SKU: ADS E937-8
American Dental Supply Electro-Polish Solution.
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SKU: TRU 680007
To be used with either Lucitone 199 Repair Material or DENTSPLY Repair Material.

Available in 175 ml, 946 ml and 4 x 946 ml.
SKU: TRU 680049
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SKU: TRU 682007
Available in three sizes: 430 ml bottle, 1 qt bottle, and 4 (1 QT) bottles for an additional cost.
Pourable denture resin in color stable Lucitone 199 Shades.
SKU: TRU 682049
SKU: TRU 682315
Contains 4 containers of 946 ml liquid in a shipment.
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SKU: TRU 682415
SKU: TRU 684309
Available in two sizes: 1- 430 ml bottle or 1 Gallon shipped in Four 1-Quart bottles
Pricing varies according to size.
SKU: TRU 684315
Shipped in four 1-quart containers.
SKU: TRU N814005
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SKU: TRU N816005
SKU: ZHE C100700
1 tube - 60ml
Catalyst for all Zhermack Silicones

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