SKU: REN -020
Wax wire on spools for model casting techniques.
Spool: 2.0 mm or 12 gauge
Available in Turquoise (Hard) and Blue (Medium-Hard)
SKU: REN -025
Spool: 2.5 mm or 10 Gauge
SKU: REN -035
Spool: 3.5 mm or 7 Gauge
SKU: REN -040
Spool: 4.0 mm or 6 Gauge
SKU: REN -050
Spool: 5.0 mm or 4 Gauge
SKU: REN 475
Crowax is suitable for flame technique as well as electronic waxing-up.
Sold in 80g pucks.
SKU: REN 486-1000
Non-rebounding wax for forming crown margin.
Sold in 75g blocks
SKU: REN 492-
Avantgarde modeling waxes are precisely developed for use with an electronic waxing-up unit.
Available in beige-opaque, grey-opaque and mint-opaque
SKU: REN 495
GEO Avantgarde universal is ideally suited for quick coverage of large areas with wax using an electronic waxing-up unit.
SKU: REN 497
Available in Beige, Blue and Mint transparent shades.
SKU: REN 4970
Available in Beige, Grey, Mint and Tooth Color Opaque Shades.
SKU: REN 499
GEO Wax in a naturally tooth-colored wax-up wax (tooth shade: Dentin A2)
Available in 75g blocks in Transparent and Opaque Natural Shades.
SKU: REN 499-
Available in opaque and transparent shades
SKU: REN 501-1100
Casting sprue with pear-shaped melting reservoir. (approx. 200 pcs)
SKU: REN 633-0000
SKU: REN 634-0001
This set has an English instruction booklet to help you build custom wax ups.
The set is also available in German, French or Spanish instruction booklets.
Please call Harris if interested in ordering this set in a language other than English.
SKU: REN 649-0000
For modelling cast model sections on the investment model. For bonding clasps, wax patterns or retainers.
Sold in 75g blocks.
SKU: REN 649-1000
For modelling cast model sections on the investment model.
SKU: REN 650-0000
This wax is suitable for blocking undercuts, cavities or errors on plaster models for both model casting and crown and bridge techniques.
Sold in 75g blocks.
SKU: REN 675
Spool: 3.0 mm or 9 Gauge
SKU: TRU 7707901
Available in 5 lb package of Salmon colored sheets.
SKU: TRU 7709002
Available in Regular and Extra Hard Types
SKU: TRU 7709003
Available in Regular and Extra Hard Types
SKU: TRU 7709302
Creamy Yellow colored sticky wax is available in 7-1/4 oz can or 1lb/pk Sticks - 0.25" Diameter x 4.5"
SKU: TRU 77301
Small Strips: 0.125" Diameter x 11" (198 Strips) at additional cost
Large Strips: 0.1875" Diameter x 11" (90 Strips) at additional cost
SKU: TRU 77305
Dimensions: 3/16" x 3/16" x 11"
Sold in packages of 55 ropes.
Available in red or white colors
SKU: TRU 77307
Regular Thickness: 1.5" x 0.1" x 11"
Extra Thin: 1.5" x 0.05" x 11"
SKU: TRU 77309
Dentsply® Set-Up Wax in Sticks is sold in 32 pack. The wax stick measures 1/4" x 1/4" x 4-3/8"
SKU: TRU 77310
Sticks are 0.25" diameter x 4.5"
SKU: TRU 77315
45 per pack
0.45" Ridge Form x 0.45" Flat x 4.5"
SKU: TRU 904584
96 Sprue Wax Sticks- "D" shape 7 mm x 180 mm

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