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Renfert Sneak Peek

Dental filament printing – intuitive and simple. With its unique advantages, the SIMPLEX stands out from other filament printers. With the slicer software designed specifically for dental use, you can reliably print models that meet processing requirements and do not pose a risk either to health or to the environment.
Dentistry-specific bio filaments for the SIMPLEX filament printer. Special high-quality and eco-friendly filaments for the specific requirements of orthodontics.
MT premium
Taking wet trimming to the next level: With sophisticated features that are perfect for everyday work, the MT premium trimmer is in a class of its own.
ORTHO guide 
The ORTHO guide transforms MT premium and MT3 into special trimmers for orthodontic requirements.
POWER steamer 

The POWER steamer 1 and 2 set new standards in reliability and durability, and impress with their outstanding cleaning performance. They can be filled manually (POWER steamer 1), or automatically using an integrated pump (POWER steamer 2). 
EASY view+
See it, share it, work it – digital – and simple. The digital solution for case discussions with your dentists – the digital solution between technicians and dentists. Available including a 3D-ready screen (EASY view+ 3D) or without screen* (EASY view+).