Nabertherm High-Temp
Speed Sintering Furnace


NEW Smaller Size
Same great features as LHT 02/17 Speed

High-Temperature Bottom Loading Furnace up to 1650 °C with Integrated Speed Cooling System

For Sintering of Translucent Zirconia

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High-Temperature Lift-Bottom Furnance

Due to their maximum temperature of 1650 °C and their large furnace chamber, the high-temperature bottom loading furnaces are perfectly suited for sintering translucent zirconia. The motor-driven lifting table significantly simplifies the charging of the high-temperature furnace. The all-around heating of the cylindrical furnace chamber ensures a very even temperature uniformity.

Equipped with special heating elements made of molybdenum disilicide, chemical interactions between the charge and the furnace components are optimally avoided. The sintered material is placed in saggars made of technical ceramics. Up to two batch containers for max. 15 single crowns per level can be accommodated in the LHT 01/17 LB Speed.

The high-temperature bottom loading furnaces are additionally equipped with a drying as well as a forced cooling function. For residual drying, the oven remains open gapwise during heating up to a defined temperature and thus ensures reliable removal of moisture. For accelerated cooling, the furnace is automatically opened step by step under program control. Depending on the batch used and the saggars, these high-temperature furnaces can achieve total cycle times of less than two and a half hours. The furnaces can be individually programmed for all recommended sintering curves of all zirconia manufacturers.

  • Tmax 1650 °C
  • Special, high-quality heating elements made of molybdenum disilicide offer best possible protection against chemical interaction between charge and heating elements
  • Only fiber materials are used which are not classified as carcinogenic according to TRGS 905, class 1 or 2
  • Outstanding temperature uniformity due to all-round furnace chamber heating
  • Furnace chamber with a volume of 1 liter, table with large footprint
  • Precise, motorized toothed belt drive of the table with button operation
  • Double-walled stainless steel housing
  • Residual drying function for better ventilation of the oven when heating up
  • Forced cooling function with automatic, step-by-step opening from a preset temperature
  • Exhaust air vent in the roof
  • Type S thermocouple
  • Controller P480 with memory for 50 programs, 2 sample programs
  • Usable for sintering blanks of all leading manufacturers
  • NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: recording of process data with USB-flash drive
  • Speed model with drying function. When starting the program the table will be driven in drying position and closes automatically at 500 °

OUTER DIMENSIONS: W350mm x D540mm x H680mm

INNER DIMENSIONS: W145mm x D180mm x H100mm




WEIGHT: 40 kg

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