Specialty Stone FlowStone Whip Mix Gypsum


ISO Type 4

Ideal for use with base formers.

Available in Light Blue, Buff, White, Blue and
Light Green

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FLOWSTONE produces accurate, bubble-free bases without vibration, making it ideal for use with base formers. Its extended working time allows the pouring of multiple bases with one mix. The dense surface resists dowel pin abrasion and the low setting expansion of FlowStone produces a dimensionally stable base for master models.

Available in white, buff, blue, light blue and light green to provide excellent contrast to die stones.

ISO Type 4

Water/Powder Ratio 22-24 mL / 100 g
Working Time 6 – 9 minutes
Setting Time 12 minutes
Setting Expansion 0.08%
Compressive Strength, Wet (1 hr.) 6,000 psi (41 MPa)
Compressive Strength, Dry (48 hrs.) 12,000 psi (83 MP