Phosphate bonded Whip Mix
ResinVest Investment


For Use with Milled and 3D Printed RPD and C&B Resin Patterns


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ResinVest phosphate investment is made specifically for burning out printed resin Removable Partial Denture patterns. The new investment is fiber-reinforced to strengthen the resistance of the investment to cracking and finning during the burnout of the resin pattern.

This high performance material offers a wide expansion range and optimal fit of the casting. It also features a rapid burnout technique in order to reduce processing time and increase productivity. Its fluid consistency promotes ease of investing, smooth casting surfaces and it divests easily.

Please note: A 33lb. carton of ResinVest will require
3 liters of Special Liquid Concentrate – Plus.
Item #I38127 for 1 Liter Bottle
Item #38130 for 6 pack of 1 Liter Bottles

Physical Properties

Liquid/Powder Ratio:  22 ml/100 gram
Working Time:  6–8 minutes
Setting Expansion:  1.6%
Thermal Expansion:  0.65%
Compressive Strength:  1,350 psi (9.2 MPa)