Whip Mix Gypsum Bonded Hi-Heat Soldering Investment


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For high-fusing golds

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Hi-Heat Soldering Investment is a gypsum-bound investment that is ideal for any soldering job that requires the use of an oxygen-gas torch, or where an unusually fine and smooth soldering investment is wanted. Excellent for use with high-fusing ceramic alloys for both the pre- and post-soldering technique. Can also be used for soldering precision attachments.

Physical Properties

Water/Powder Ratio
28 mL/100 g

Working Time
2 – 4 minutes

Ready for Dewaxing (minimum)
20 minutes

Setting Expansion

Thermal Expansion 700 degrees C (1,300 degrees F)

Compressive Strength, Wet (2 hrs)
300 psi (2 MPa)